Promo action “Mani Mania by OZ MALL”

Completed advertising campaign “Mani Mania in OZ MALL”.

Implemented tasks:

  • launch of CRM-platform for registration of participants of the draw and maintaining detailed statistics of the action
  • The work of the staff at the front desk during the whole action
  • Technical support of the reception Desk with equipment for smooth operation of registrars
  • Design, manufacture and installation of the photo zone “Safe of Mani Mania” for the period of the campaign
  • Organization of weekly concerts with prize drawing and broadcasting of the draw on the screens
  • Design of stage equipment, design of advertising video spots for broadcasting to screens during the event.
  • Organization of concerts of Russian pop stars – Julianna Karaulova, group “IOWA” and group “Zhuki” for the each next draw
  • Organization of children’s holiday on June 1 before the final drawing of the action.